Finished on Site


We furnish and install all types of unfinished wood flooring. Whether you are looking for traditional oak or one of the more exotic woods, we can provide quality wood products for your new floor. We carefully prepare the sub floor plywood, lay the wood, sand the wood with our top of the line sanders, stain the wood a color of your choice, and then apply two coats of finish. We also specialize in taking old, stained, wet, and discolored existing wood flooring, sanding it down, and then re-staining and re-finishing them to give you a beautiful new floor. All of our sanders use a vacuum system to minimize the dust during the sanding process. While no sanding process is truly “dustless” we seal off adjacent areas to minimize any dust spread. We can also remove the existing carpet and pad, move your furniture, and install new shoe molding. If you have a slab house or a basement slab and still want a custom finished floor, we can install a glued down engineered floor with an unfinished wood surface. We can then sand and stain the wood to provide you with a floor that looks and wears just like a traditional wood floor.